Short Experiences of Holiday Problems

Welcome to Client Stories. This area contains stories written by HolidayTravelWatch on behalf of Holidaymakers or by the Holidaymakers themselves.

The articles are often moving and illustrate clearly the remarkable situations that ordinary people find themselves in by just being on holiday. If you have a story that you would like to share, then please e mail or post the facts to us for consideration. Please note this material is copyrighted and reproduction in any form is prohibited unless you have the express written permission of HolidayTravelWatch.

  • Imagine the hotel is closed when you get there! Read this holidaymaker's story, in his own words of that experience and the aftermath at the Stella Paradise, Fuerteventura 2003 - Stella Paradise 2003.doc
  • Jamaica 2002 - A beach tragedy in left this lady's partner dead . In her own words she raises some very pertinent questions - Jamaica 2002.doc
  • Valid questions are raised by this concerned parent following their son's and his friends attack in Falaraki in 2002 - Falaraki 2002.doc
  • A Bulgarian Experience at the Alen Mak 7 in 2001 is told by this holidaymaker in his own words - Alen Mak 7 2001.doc
  • This story tells of the appalling conditions found by this holidaymaker when they arrived at the Flamingo Oasis Hotel in 2000 - it is told in his own words - Flamingo Oasis 2000.doc
  • Olivia's story concerns the death of her son Ben in a hotel swimming pool in 2000 - it is told in her own words - Olivia's Story 2000.doc
  • This article tell the story of one family's experience during the Salmonella outbreak at the Aguamar Hotel in 1998 - it is told in their own words - Aguamar 1998.doc

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