UK airline passengers suffer with respiratory, joint and cognitive problems after experiencing fumes and smell on flight

The return flight was on a [NAME OF AIRLINE] Aircraft (she cannot remember the make of the aircraft). their flight was an overnighter from Barbados to London Gatwick. They were both seated toward the front of the aircraft in the premium cabin. They were about one hour into the flight when both she and her husband experienced a musty smell (they thought at first that someone had passed wind and started to use books to try and disperse the smell). The smell did not go away. During this period, they heard a bang – this came from behind a curtain which separated their section from the toilet. They noted the crew were in attendance and discovered that someone had collapsed. They describe themelves as people who do not sleep easily on any flight. Shortly after the smell became apparent, they both fell asleep until they were close to the UK. Both describe themselves as being in good health before this flight. She describes herself as waking up and feeling quite ill. She developed a bad cough, sore throat and lost her voice. She spent the first year on anti-biotics and was examined through an endoscopic procedure on her vocal cords which were found to be pink and healthy. She now sffers with similar symptoms and severe arthritis, particularly with her jaw. It was apparent during the interview that she had problems with her memory as she had difficulty recalling various issues. She has also had numerous steroid injections. She also reports that she has had blood tests, she cannot recall what they were for, but reports that they have come back reporting everyhting as normal. He husband suffered with a chest infection following the flight, he has been less affected than his wife, but suffers with joint pains. It is very clear that she is currently very ill”.

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