UK holidaymaker purchased one type of accommodation and received another - UK tour operator failed to provide significant change rights

In April I booked a holiday via a travel agent for a [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] holiday to [LOCATION].   I wanted an all inclusive holiday which is why I chose [RESORT]. According to page 228 of the [NAME OF HOLIDAY BROCHURE] the [LOCATION] is 4 stars, all inclusive package, with accommodation beginning with a “Land Villa”, with private open air bathrooms, shower, air-conditioning, cable TV, minibar, safe.
Jacuzzi Land Villa, Water Villa and Jacuzzi Water Villa are all upgrades. No other room type is mentioned.  The brochure pictures clearly labeled as “Land Villa” show a wooden cabin interior.  When booking I was assured that I would be getting a “Land Villa”, a wooden cabin as pictured, which was exactly what I wanted.   The paperwork duly arrived. The travel agents section stated that I had booked [LOCATION], All Inclusive, Land Villa with private facilities.  I was happy. I had discussed with the agent for a long period of time what I wanted and had been convinced that I had booked a “land villa” as shown in the brochure.  In the attached [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] paperwork the booking is described as [LOCATION], All Inclusive, Double room with shower, Wc and air conditioning.  Everything seemed perfect. Paperwork stated I had booked a “Land villa”. The brochure described a 4 star resort, with photos of a wooden cabin. Exactly what I wanted for my dream holiday.   No other “second” resort is mentioned.  No 3 star accommodation is described or displayed.  No “standard” room is mentioned.   I returned home to find my tickets on saturday evening. Then I discovered last weekend [WEB ADDRESS] and some other posts regarding [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] bookings. Unable to contact the travel agent and anxious I emailed the resort directly to confirm what the accommodation was. On sunday I received a reply stating that I was booked in the “Garden View” standard accommodation, made of brick.  On Monday I immediately rang the travel agent to query this. I spoke to the person with whom I made the original booking was assured that I had booked a “Land Villa”, but that they would check with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR].  Two hours later I received a phone call from my travel agent to say that they had been on the phone with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] for the last 2 hours discussing the booking. The agent was as annoyed as I was to become as apparently, I was booked in a “Garden View” standard room, something not offered, mentioned, described or shown in photographs in the brochure. [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] were also convinced that I had booked a “Land Villa” until they checked with [RESORT] directly.   I was told my booking was not with [NAME] Resort, but with [NAME] Garden, which is treated as a separate resort, despite using all the same facilities and staff, and obviously company email address. This “separate” resort does not exist in the brochure, and possibly not in reality either.  I am not sure how I was expected to know this, and to realise a mistake had been made with my booking. Obviously “Resort” and “Garden” . The travel agent was apologetic but I was informed that no “Land Villas” were available, but should one become available that they had urged [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] to make it available to me.  In my opinion I have been downgraded from a “Land Villa” to a standard room. I have not been offered any financial compensation for this reduction, only a promise on the never never that I might get an upgrade should something become available.  I am still aiming to enjoy my holiday in [RESORT], but cant help feeling cheated and lied to. I feel I have paid for something I am not going to get.  I would be interested in anyones advice, experiences with small claims courts or anything else people feel is relevant. 

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