Major price change to holiday - UK tour operator fails to provide full significant change rights!

I was wondering it you could help. I booked a holiday with [NAME] holidays 28/01/10 for 4 adults and 2 children to cyprus in july. The total price was shown as £1315.02 so i booked the holiday and paid £309 deposit and was given a reference number [NUMBER] the payment was taken from my credit card and i was informed i would get a confirmation e-mail. I got no e-mail so i called [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] at 9.30am 29/01/10 the consultant i spoke with said she was sorry i got no e-mail but my booking was confirmed and that i would get written confirmation in 3 working days. Later that day around 2pm I received a call from [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] (with no apology) to say the there was a pricing error on there system and that the could not fulfil my booking unless i paid the new price of £3383.63 i was very disappointed so i advised [NAME] i would call him back after getting some advice from trading standards they confirmed this was misleading on the part of [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and i should try to negotiate my price. I called back [NAME] from [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and said i wasn’t happy with this and ask him for some sort of negation he said noting could be done and he would refund me card, I told him on 2 occasions on the call not to do this but he advised me he had put the refund through I made him aware i was making a complaint and i feel he refunded me so that i would no longer have any rights, i also ask several times to speak with a manager only to be told no manager could talk to me until next week. I feel the treatment i received from [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] is disgusting and feel as they made the mistake they could of offered me another solution. I feel you should be aware of this as i am sure a lot of customer have been affected and I feel for such a large company this could have been handled a lot better.

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