Major failure to book holiday elements by UK tour operator to California

We got to The [NAME OF HOTEL] and after waiting to check in [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] had not reserved us a room so we had to wait about in the lobby until the girl spoke to her manager to see what she could do (this was extremely embarrassing as there was a queue). We managed to get a room but she said it was lucky we did. We were angry about this but thought there must have been an error somewhere and forgot about it. The hotel wasn’t even booked and [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] were going to charge us for ammending the hotel. My blackberry was stolen from my room at this hotel at the end of our stay and without going into great detail my mum is unwell and very bad with nerves so I had no way of contacting her or her contacting me and I knew she would be worried and this also contributed to ruining the trip to New York as that was all I could think of and couldn’t enjoy myself. Having returned home my mum was exactly as I thought. I contacted the hotel about this and they are getting back to me after investigating the theft.
A few days later we went to Universal Studios Hollywood as we had booked a VIP tour through [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and the same thing happened, no reservation, had to wait to see if there was availability and luckily there was, but the worker said we were extremely lucky as the tours were very limited and informed us to complain about this to our travel agent.
Then there was the hotel [NAME] in New York which just infuriates me. No reservation AGAIN! We were told we would have to stay in a room with 2 single beds and join them together for 1 night (but this is not practical as we would roll into the dent in the middle). We complained we had this booked since October but they couldn’t do anything as [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] had not reserved a room at all. We were too tired so thought we’d go up to bed and try sort it in the morning.
The room we were first given was disgusting! The bedding had stains on it aswell as sticky sweets on the pillow cases, the tiles in the shower were broken (which could be extremely dangerous), extremely loud air con and the window wouldn’t lock. We complained again to the front desk and they said they would send someone up to sort the bedding – 2 Spanish men came to the room, put the clean bedding on the dirty,stained bed and left. (Not before making rude comments about us in Spanish, I know Spanish so the front desk didn’t deny it). AGAIN I went downstairs to complain about this and question leaving the hotel, this time they firstly offered us the same type of room with 2 single beds which we refused but then we requested leaving she managed to get us the room we first booked. She advised us she shouldn’t really be doing this as the room was out of service but she wanted us to enjoy our stay. This room was far from perfect – again broken window locks, loud air con and broken tiles in bathroom shower.
We went to bed and were woken up by the sound of water – the weather wasn’t great when we arrived so we presumed it was rain but it was getting louder and sounded as though it was coming from the bathroom, I got up and the toilet was flooding everywhere and wouldn’t stop. It started to pour all over the bathroom and the towels weren’t stopping it so I ran down to front desk for assistance and by the time they came up the flooding had gotten into the hallway and the bedroom carpet. I presume this was the reason the room was out of service?
They hoovered it up and we were told there was no other rooms at all we had to stay in a cold, wet and smelly room. There was nothing we could do, we were so tired and would sort it out in the morning.
After our first horrible night in the hotel we spoke with an assistant manager [NAME], who changed us room again and said it was a more expensive room but we would get it at same price due to the trouble. This was now our third room in less than 24 hours – bare in mind all this moving was wasting our time, holiday and ruining our stay in New York.
This room was a bit better, locks worked on windows, no tiles in shower but air con still loud and again the decor was not great and the duvet had another stain.
We put up with this as didn’t want to waste anymore time or effort and just get on with our holiday.
Also, when we booked the holiday with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] we were asked if we wanted flight meals at a cost of approx £30pp but on the [NAME OF AIRLINE] flights all meals, drinks, etc are free.
As you can see this holiday was a complete disaster! We paid about £4300 for this holiday and it was completely ruined. Not all of the problems [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] are to blame, but we booked it as a package through their company and they recommended these hotels as good and respectful.
I should also mention that we were not told that each hotel take a deposit from a credit card, so the full holiday we could not use our card as the funds were held by the hotels this meant we couldn’t spend/do everything we wanted.
I would really appreciate your advise on this matter and what we can/should do.

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