Major change to the ‘all-inclusive’ facilities at the hotel in Rhodes - UK tour operator failing to give significant change rights

We have booked a holiday through the [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] under [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] holidays to [NAME OF HOTEL] in Rhodes.  We have a group booking of three families and have paid a deposit of over £1200 (the actual amount can be confirmed if necessary). The balance is due in June 2010 as the holiday is from 18th august 2010 for 2 weeks. We have booked an ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE DEAL.  However, we recently checked the most recent reviews of the [NAME] Hotel and to our dismay have read that there is a daily charge of 3 euros per sun lounger at the hotel and that some of the meals have to be paid for if they form part of a ‘themed’ restaurant.  We have all experienced all inclusive packages previously and, with the exception of drinks after 12 midinght, we have NEVER had to pay extra for food and definitely not sun loungers. This will prove to be a really expensive addition to our holiday and this was not explained anywhere in the advertising for the complex or in the [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] terms and conditions.  We have complained to [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] who initially stated that they contacted [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and were told that there is a charge as per the customer reviews and that if we wanted to change the holiday because of this we would have to pay half the transfer charges the other half would be covered by [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR].  We were incredibly disappointed with this response and have complained further as we feel that the holiday has not been properly advertised and that now we want to have our deposit returned as [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] have failed in their duty of care to provide the correct information and to add insult to injury have had the audacity to inform us that if we change we will have to pay more!!!  [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] have responded that they would take this query back to [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] again and on this occasion [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] told us that [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] customer service had not checked with the Hotel in question on the initial query and that they will now do so.  We are now waiting for a response, but to add further stress the most recent posting on this hotel the disatisfied customer reports how they had to take [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] through the ’small claims courts’ in order to get a refund for the extra payments they had to make on what was sold to them as an all inclusive holiday.  We are gravely concerned. We do not want this hassle on our long awaited break. We want a refund so that we can find another, more honest and factual, holiday deistination, however, we feel that [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] and [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and ‘dragging their feet’ and we will lose the opportunity of another booking.  Please help!!!

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