Major change to hotel accommodation in Tenerife - UK tour operator fails to offer Consumer rights

To whom it may concern,   I would like to inform you of my dissatisfaction with the service which I have received from your company. My partner and I booked a holiday (flights and hotel) with [LOW COST AIRLINE] on 15th February 2009, to Tenerife from 12th July 2009 to 24th July 2009. When we were searching for our hotel we looked at a number of different options, before deciding on the [NAME] Apartments in Los Cristianos, mainly choosing this accommodation because of its excellent reviews.  On Friday 3rd July 2009, my partner received an email from [LOW COST AIRLINE]. This explained that we were no longer able to stay at the [NAME] Apartments, due to the hotel experiencing early closure problems. Whilst I respect that there is nothing [LOW COST AIRLINE] could have done about this situation, I do not consider that it was appropriate to contact us by email. My partner seldom checks his email and it was only by luck he did so on this night. I’m sure this would be the case for many other people and therefore feel a more appropriate form of contact would have been by telephone, to ensure we had received this news.   The email stated that we had been offered an equivalent hotel, The [NAME] Apartments. My partner and I viewed this hotel when we were making our booking and it was considerably cheaper than the [NAME] (approximately £50 each). However, we decided from the reviews we read that the [NAME] was a more suitable hotel for us and we were therefore willing to pay the extra money for it.   When I rang [LOW COST AIRLINE] Holidays to speak to your customer service representative, they stated that although they accepted the [NAME] apartments may have been cheaper at the time of booking, this was all they could offer us. I then asked whether they could reconsider this decision. I was told that they would contact other hotels in the area and get back to me with other possible options. I had this conversation twice, with two different representatives. Neither of them returned my calls.   I then phoned again this evening to gain clarity on this situation. I was told that my options were, I either cancelled or accepted the original offer. Both my partner and I consider that this is very unsatisfactory, considering we could have booked this hotel for over a £100 cheaper at our time of booking. We both also feel that in this situation, with such little notice, we should be upgraded if anything, not downgraded, as well as losing money! We have also arranged independent transfers to the [NAME] hotel, which we will now need to reorganise, with very little notice.   My partner and I are both feeling very stressed out by the current situation and would very much appreciate a prompt response, as we are due to fly out to Tenerife in six days. We would be very grateful if you could review the options available to us, as we have been looking forward to this holiday for a number of months.   This ordeal has left us both wondering whether this is the way to treat your customers in time of a recession when we are the most important part of your business. 

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