Major change to hotel accommodation in Slovenia - UK tour operator fails to advise until tickets arrive and fail to accept that a significant change has arisen!

I have picked up my skiing holiday tickets this week (departing on 13/02/10) to Hotel [NAME] in Slovenia. I found that the type of accommodation that I ordered on 23/02/09 is not what I have received. I told the travel agent the type of accomodation I wanted. I have been to this hotel before in the hotel’s family rooms and gave the travel agent a full description of what I wanted as the brochure was not available at this early time. I described it as a family room which has 1 door entrance and two bedrooms, 2 tvs and two shower rooms. I booked 1 year early as there are only 6 of these family rooms in the Hotel [NAME]. In the confirmation from [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] last March, there was nothing to alert me to the fact that there was anything untoward about the booking. What I discovered yesterday is what I am getting instead, is one bedroom, 2 beds and 2 camp beds. This is [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] classification of a family room which was never explained to me. I discovered yesterday that the supplement I have paid for a family room was in fact a supplement not to be in the eaves. Until yesterday, I never knew that the 4 of us were sharing 1 bedroom and the children are on camp beds, nor did I know that I was charged a supplement for not being in the eaves. The travel agent never explained any of this to me in the past year until yesterday. They are denying that I gave them the full description of the family room that I have stayed in before. So it is their word against mine. As we are departing on 13/02 for a week which is half-term, there is no other accommodation available at such short notice and at such a busy time. I feel totally devastated that I am paying a lot of money for accommodation that I would never have booked if I had been told about it. I have been let down badly by the total incompetence of the travel agent. Can you advise me if there is anything I can do?

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