Major building work at hotel in Sharm El Sheikh - UK holidaymaker not given Significant Change Rights by tour operator

Having just spoken to the travel company I really do need to talk to you guys again.  The holiday was booked through [NAME OF ONLINE TRAVEL PROVIDER] on their website and we believed it was a package holiday and thus far nothing has been said to change that view.  The holiday is to Sharm El Sheikh and as stated before is a 4* accommodation holiday.  The letter we received was stating that one of the pools at the hotel was being renovated during the first part of our holiday and of course we find this unacceptable as the noise level will definitely interfere with our enjoyment of our holiday.  When I initially spoke to [NAME OF ONLINE TRAVE;L PROVIDER] they were rude and unhelpful and told us to look at the website and at other hotels.  When we intially booked our holiday we spent ages looking through trip advisor and other sites to make sure that the hotel we booked was a fairly decent one so we know quite a bit about the other hotels in the area.  One of our travel party has been to Sharm before and had stayed in another hotel which comes up as a 5* so we decided to look at this and price the holiday as if staying there.  When it was priced it came up a little less or pretty much identical to the hotel we had booked.  I spoke to [NAME OF ONLINE TRAVEL PROVIDER] and initially they offered it to us at a cost of about £400 in total to change which I pointed out was unsatisfactory and asked to speak to a Manager as none of this was our fault and we had been more than happy in the hotel we initially booked until they decided to carry out renovation work at it!!!  Today they have come back to me and said that at an additional cost of £30 per person they will move us to the other hotel.  I still feel this is a massive cheek especially seeing as the only reason we want to move in the first place is the work at the hotel we booked.  Could you please give me a call to let me know whether or not we are in a position to dispute this and get somewhere with them?

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