Major accommodation change in Zante due to overbooking pre-departure - UK tour operator fails to offer full rights to holidaymaker

We require some help just to understand our rights in a case of complaint with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and the travel agent we booked with [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY].  We booked an accommodation only with [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] for 3*hotel in [NAME OF RESORT] in zante called the [NAME] Hotel on 31st May for 7 nights leaving on the 13th August. We received confirmation and accommodation voucher and a booking reference telling us out accommodation was booked through [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] and gave a [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] Reference number. This was all ok until we received a call on the 9th July to tell us our accommodation had been changed due to an over booking in the one we had chosen. As one can imagine we where very angry about the situation and looked at [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] website only to discover that the accommodation we had been moved out of was still for sale on their website for double what we had paid. There was also a package deal for sale for the accommodation on their website too. This was the case for almost a week and half after we received the call telling us we where moved because they over booked!! I understand we never booked directly with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] but the travel agent had sent us confirmation and a booking reference and an accommodation voucher. When I contacted [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] about this I was told they could not speak to me because I had booked through a travel agent and my travel agent said [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] had told them it was over booked so it was over booked and that it was just they had not updated their website!! Whole week half advertising an accommodation when it isn’t available is a little ridiculous I feel.
Moving on we where TOLD we had been moved to an alternative accommodations in the same resort and was 3* called [NAME] Aparthotel. We understandably where very annoyed about it and when asked on telephone conversation if this was ok by our travel agent we said no not really but do we have an option only to receive no answer only a sheepish nervous laugh and informed we where now already booked into the new hotel. When we went on to investigate the hotel in the same way we had before choosing our original through reviews on many different internet sites we found that in fact the new hotel has been rated by almost every review site as disgusting and almost not even 2* quality. We also had family friends who stayed in this hotel and have just returned to tell us they would not allow their dogs to stay there and the manager told them to F*** off when they asked to have a fridge that worked! In my opinion no one would want to stay there after being told this. Also the accommodation we where going to was self catering included all needs to carry out self catering purpose cutlery crockery etc however our new hotel charges for these items!! We also found photos of customers who had returned posted on the Internet showing broken moulded fridges cloudy pool water and a bathroom that could only be described as a whole in the wall!! All these having been recently posted from people who stayed there in last month. Seeing all this why would we want to go there now!!  When I contacted the travel agent about this matter all I got was the very plain answer no we cannot help you and will not change your hotel again as it your own fault for accepting the alternative. When I questioned her about receiving no answer when we asked if we had an option she openly admitted they are told not to give us an option as we where already booked into that hotel and we would only be moved if we kicked up a real fuss on the phone when she called us!!! I have no idea what to say they are openly saying because where polite about it they are not going to help us! Also we where never told that [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] offer a compensation payment if they change accommodation for reasons such as over booking which is states on their website.  Needless to this the fact that when we where cancelled out the accommodation that was still being sold has managed to slip their minds and we receive no response when we question them about this.  The reason I am so unhappy with the service is that we even asked to be down graded to any hotel in resort even a 2* in the resort rather than go here and because the only hotel available in resort is a 2* called [NAME] Hotel and price have inflated due to being only one available and the time scale we where told we would be charged the additional cost and amendment fees!!!! Do we even have a leg to stand on in this situation? I was planning on sending a complaint letter before we go about the situation and photograph and video the accommodation and send another one on return, would this make a difference or could we in fact avoid going in the first place and ruining the only holiday we get this year!?

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