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This section contains poignant stories, written by the holidaymakers themselves. These stories illustrate the extraordinary circumstances in which ordinary people find themselves, showing how they cope with tragedy and grief, and the difficulties they face in dealing with the travel industry or other authorities.

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Passenger suffers with numbness in hands and feet following flight

“During the course of my flights, I became aware earlier this year of numbness in hands and feet (during flights), irritation of the eyes and sneezing (immediately post-flight) and chronic on-going tiredness. I started to keep some notes of flights and symptoms since, unscientifically, it struck me that there may be a connection. As a result of [NAME OF AIRLINE] struggling to adhere to timetabl... READ MORE 30 November 2012

20 Appalling Holiday Complaints and Problems - The 2010 Season!

Last year we highlighted 20 of the most appalling holiday complaints for the 2009 holiday season!  This year we again repeat the process at the start of the current 2010 holiday season, to highlight the wide range of problems that holidaymakers face!  This year we have seen the following holiday complaints come through on our e mails alone; building work, exposure to building dust causing respi... READ MORE 30 May 2010

Major change to hotel accommodation in Slovenia - UK tour operator fails to advise until tickets arrive and fail to accept that a significant change has arisen!

I have picked up my skiing holiday tickets this week (departing on 13/02/10) to Hotel [NAME] in Slovenia. I found that the type of accommodation that I ordered on 23/02/09 is not what I have received. I told the travel agent the type of accomodation I wanted. I have been to this hotel before in the hotel’s family rooms and gave the travel agent a full description of what I wanted as the brochur... READ MORE 30 January 2010

Major price change to holiday - UK tour operator fails to provide full significant change rights!

I was wondering it you could help. I booked a holiday with [NAME] holidays 28/01/10 for 4 adults and 2 children to cyprus in july. The total price was shown as £1315.02 so i booked the holiday and paid £309 deposit and was given a reference number [NUMBER] the payment was taken from my credit card and i was informed i would get a confirmation e-mail. I got no e-mail so i called [NAME OF TOUR OP... READ MORE 30 January 2010

Major change to the ‘all-inclusive’ facilities at the hotel in Rhodes - UK tour operator failing to give significant change rights

We have booked a holiday through the [NAME OF TRAVEL AGENCY] under [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] holidays to [NAME OF HOTEL] in Rhodes.  We have a group booking of three families and have paid a deposit of over £1200 (the actual amount can be confirmed if necessary). The balance is due in June 2010 as the holiday is from 18th august 2010 for 2 weeks. We have booked an ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGE DEAL.  How... READ MORE 28 January 2010

Major norovirus outbreak on cruise ship found pre-departure by UK holidaymaker. They are concerned about the cruise from Tenerife. They experience difficulty with the UK tour operator and seek information about their significant change rights

On 15/1/10 we booked a cruise from our local [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] shop. The cruise is on the [NAME OF SHIP] to embark on 12/2/10 from Tenerife for 7 days . We have since read numerous reviews on internet sites of a recent outbreak of the Norovirus on this boat and general bad feedback regarding leaks, santitation problems, stability issues and general disrepair on this ship. I understand tha... READ MORE 28 January 2010

Major change to holiday duration; UK tour operator failing to offer significant change rights

I purchased a holiday online for me and my partner with [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] online for the sum of £524 for a 7 night package deal. Upon receiving the confirmation/final invoice we have realised that we have to leave our hotel on sunday 13th June by 12 noon but our flight home doesnt depart until monday 14th June at 08.00am which leaves us with nowhere to sleep sunday night.  I contacted [NA... READ MORE 27 January 2010

Major cruise destination change made before departure - UK tour operator failing to provide full significant change rights

Have booked a a cruise with [NAME OF CRUISE LINE] for 7 days starting on 11th sept 2010. The itinerary includes Corsica which was illustrated with a photo in the brochure..Corsica was one of the main reasons why we booked this particular cruise. We now received a letter saying that Corsica is no longer on the itinerary and will be replaced by Nice. None of the party is interested in going to Ni... READ MORE 20 January 2010

Major outbreak of norovirus on-board cruise ship causes holidaymaker to be concerned about her cruise around the Canary Islands - requesting information about their significant change rights

Am due to cruise Canaries Islands 23rd January 10 for one week on [NAME OF SHIP] – have read from comments that Norovirus was prevalent from passenger returned yesterday. Am awaitiing a response from [NAME OF TOUR OPERATOR] – how do travel insurance view this if the disease was there prior to my joining ship? Have to say I do not want to join if Norovirus still on ship. READ MORE 16 January 2010

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