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Fortunately, the majority of cruise holidays are enjoyable and memorable experiences. We sometimes receive complaints from cruise passengers about the standard of cabins, service, cost and crew. We also hear from some holidaymakers who have suffered harrassment, sexual assault or inappropriate behaviour. The majority of complaints concern the quality of food, hygiene standards, the quality of water, the state of onboard swimming pools, sewage smells, poor plumbing, flooding of cabins and of course the range of illness experienced on these holidays, for example Salmonella, Shigella, serious gastric problems and of course – so called Norovirus! We find that the destination makes no difference – the complaints we receive come from the Caribbean, Mediterranean, the British Isles, the River Nile or cruises on Europe’s major rivers. Our articles are designed to guide you toward the relevant issues to your enquiry.

Please note: Any vessel cited here has already appeared within our ‘Call to Arms’ feature. We would ask you to note the commentary and important information on that page, in particular with regard to any reliance on information for your travel plans and representations (for example, we do not represent that any of the aforementioned problems exist either before, during or following any of the dates stated on any of the vessels highlighted below). If you have not already done so, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the information within the ‘Call to Arms’ page. For further information on other destinations, follow the links on the left or via our ‘Call to Arms’ page.

If you have been affected by any Norovirus, other illness, assaults or any other types of holiday complaints whilst onboard your cruise ship or river boat or steamer, please contact us for further help and assistance. Important information about your use of or reliance of this area is contained within our Legal Notice.

Ships Safety - The reality post Costa Concordia!

Everyone by now knows of the events surrounding the Costa Concordia.  From the sinking of that ship, there has been much debate about the safety of ships, particulary in Brussels.  I attended the Stakeholders meeting on Ships Safety issues at the end on April, following my discovery that the EU Commission had commenced such an enquiry in 2010!  Those of us who were unaware of that 'Consultation... READ MORE 31 July 2012

Failures & Complaints in the All-Inclusive Holiday! III

Imagine; what started off as a simple article on the problem with all-inclusive holidays, has led to further comment on how much staff are paid on cruise ships to an out-pouring of comment from holidaymaker and holiday representative alike, about the poor conditions and complaints both have to endure!  This article is going to illustrate why we think the all-inclusive holiday product on-board c... READ MORE 21 May 2012

Failures & Complaints in the All-Inclusive Holiday! II

I didn't think that I would find myself commented again so quickly on the issue of all-inclusive holidays!  My attention was turned toward an article in Sunday's Guardian, which highlighted that 'P&O cruise ship staff paid basic salary of 75p an hour'!  It seems the calculation used here is based on a junior waiter earning a basic salary of £250.00p per month, working 7 days a week for 11 h... READ MORE 1 May 2012

RMS Titanic - In Memoriam - The continuing push for ship's safety!

On this bright sunny Sunday, you would have to have a heart of steel not to be moved by the various tributes and commemoration to the sinking of a wonderful ship and the loss of live.  It was only a few days ago that I too had sailed back to England and on that voyage, me and my party looked out into the night sea and pondered on the scale of the disaster and why it happened.  It was a ship tha... READ MORE 15 April 2012

British Holiday Cruise Study - Holidaymaker at Risk!

We recently heard from a holidaymaker a problem they encountered on a cruise ship. The client went on a family holiday, which included teenage girls in their party. The cruise initially delivered everything that a client would want; fine dining, great destinations and luxurious living. It was for them a holiday of a life-time. One evening, one girl decided that she wanted to retire to her cabi... READ MORE 19 May 2008

Guest Article: International Cruise Victims - Crime on-board Cruise Ships

In Issue 3 of 'Get'Away', we reproduce an article from International Cruise Victims (President: Mr Ken Carver). He highlights the state of the Cruise Industry, and how victims and supporters of ICV have campaigned for greater rights for cruise passengers, taking their fight to the US Congress. He illustrates the potential for changes in US law, which on reflection, deserve consideration by EU a... READ MORE 9 February 2007

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