Are You Ready to Whistleblow for Safety? Why Not?

During this summer season we have witnessed reports of various flight safety deficits, the most recent of which are several incidents reported by the BBC, and of course, the Spanish aircraft disaster.  I sincerely offer my deepest sympathies, and the respect of HolidayTravelwatch to all those affected by the Madrid crash.  I hope that the cause of the crash, and that lessons will be learnt quickly to avoid a similar incident again.

(This link directs you to the Wikipedia list of all known aircraft incidents).

Consider this contact to HolidayTravelWatch.  A Mrs A reported the following incident to us:

"I contacted [MAJOR TOUR OPERATOR] after researching [NAME OF AIRLINE] on the internet and finding many complaints. They assured me that, whilst they were looking into a number of complaints, the aircraft would be to their standards both in comfort and safety. We were then advised two days before travel that there would be no alcohol on board, no duty free or in flight entertainment. The plane itself was filthy with patches of the seats and carpets missing. The seats were broken (my partner's seat would not lock in an upright position, the seat in front of me fell forward unless someone sat in it). We were not able to depart for over an hour as they had forgotten to obtain the correct paperwork or a cabin crew (this information was given to us by the one stewardess working). There was a very quick demonstration of how to put life vests on then we were told the rest of the safety instructions were to be read off the card supplied - there were no safety instructions in the seat pockets to read. The panels holding the oxygen masks were stuck down with duct tape so would not have released if needed. The rear doors were opened whilst the plane was moving and slammed shut as they were not properly closed before leaving. The cockpit door was regularly left open giving a full view of and easy access to the cockpit, pilots etc to the rest of the plane. The plane also ran out of any drinks (including water) after each person had received only two drinks during the flight. We ordered in flight meals and were later ill with food poisoning symptoms". (EGY.04.08)

Would you feel confident that this aircraft had been properly serviced?  Would you be happy to fly on it?  How many holidaymakers have officially complained of their experiences?  If not, why not?

It's simple, the time has come to 'Whistleblow for Safety' - the State apparatus is there!  There is no excuse, whether you are a passenger or a member of the flight crew - Complain before someone elses family suffers a dreadful loss simply because you thought it was someone's responsibility!

If you have been affected by any Holiday Transport Safety complaints, please contact us at HolidayTravelWatch

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