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The availability of the EC Regulation 261/2004, which provides Consumer Protection for Flight Delay, Denied Boarding and Flight Cancellation, has seen an increase in complaints against airlines. However, we have also witnessed the growing phenomenon of Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome, with holidaymakers and aircrew reporting illness following exposure to fume or smoke events. The debate surrounding this latter issue has witnessed a growing International campaign to introduce tough new safeguards into what is considered to be a dangerous situation. European airline passengers now ‘enjoy’ the protections of EU Regulation 2111/2005 following the introduction of the ‘blacklist’ of airlines, but should also benefit from the wide ranging powers of the EU Commission to engage and direct Member States on serious issues or beaches of airline or aircraft safety. EU airline passengers deserve nothing less!

Please note: Any aircraft or airline cited here has already appeared within our ‘Call to Arms’ feature. We would ask you to note the commentary and important information on that page, in particular with regard to any reliance on information for your travel plans and representations (for example, we do not represent that any of the aforementioned problems exist either before, during or following any of the dates stated on any of the aircraft or airlines highlighted below). If you have not already done so, it is important that you familiarise yourself with the information within the ‘Call to Arms’ page. For further information on other destinations, follow the links on the left or via our ‘Call to Arms’ page.

If you have been affected by any Aerotoxic Syndrome, food poisoning or other illness, injury or assaults or any other types of holiday complaints experienced whilst onboard your holiday airline, please contact us for further help and guidance.

Plane Crazy 5? The Fight for Air Passenger Safety!

I sometimes wonder which part of the Planet Earth I occupy, if at all!  We have heard from a holidaymaker about the problems he is having in getting his money back, following the cancellation of his holiday!  Quite reasonably, he decided that they could not fly with the airline allocated to them by the tour operator, as it would appear the airline is under investigation by the UK Civil Aviation... READ MORE 29 July 2011

Plane Crazy 4? The Fight for Air Passenger Safety!

I was struck by this article on the use of electronic devices by passengers onboard aircraft.  It suggests that between 2003 & 2009 there were 75 'incidents' relating to how passenger electronic equipment interfered with the operation of the aircraft.  In one case, the auto-pilot disengaged at 4,500 feet and following an enquiry by cabin crew, they found 4 passengers using 1 phone and 3 ipo... READ MORE 27 July 2011

Plane Crazy 3? The Fight for Air Passenger Safety!

The week-end has brought more revelations about aircraft security, which provides for a worrying and terrifying prospect for passengers simply seeking to travel from A to B!  Watching the events unfold at East Midlands Airport on Friday, you could be forgiven for feeling reassured that everything had been checked and that there was no cause for alarm! In the early hours of Saturday morning the... READ MORE 1 November 2010

Plane Crazy 2? The Fight for Air Passenger Safety Rights!

Yesterday we were treated to the spectacle of industry and political leaders performing a ‘pas de deux’, expressing moral outrage at the state of airport security.  We were told that the very nature of airport security was incoherent, inconsistent and ineffective!  The result of this flash in the pan debate was to hear the new Transport Minister (Philip Hammond MP) state that he would, “be allo... READ MORE 28 October 2010

Contradictions at the UK Borders Agency?

We have spoken with one holidaymaker who has an interesting experience to share with regard to her exit and entry to the United Kingdom, via the UK Border Agency!  This is a young woman with 2 children, one of whom was borne out of an earlier relationship.  She advises that the earlier relationship was abusive which resulted in her having to move to a different part of the UK.  She has endeavou... READ MORE 10 October 2010

Neurotoxins in the Air? Concerns about Fumes on Aircraft

In 2007 we examined the issue of Neurotoxins in aircraft and found a surprising lack of urgency into this pressing question - nothing has changed!  This article sets out the real effect of neurotoxins (also known as Aerotoxic or Sick Aircraft Syndrome) on pilots and passengers - in our view, the issue is and remains an International Scandal!  It also raises a serious point - if these neurotoxin... READ MORE 8 June 2010

Sick Aircraft - Time to Apply A Regulation!

The inspirational  anti-pesticides campaigner, said of her recent High Court victory that, “The UK government’s relentless and extraordinary attempts to protect industry, as opposed to people’s health has been one of the most outrageous things to behold in the last seven years of my fight” (BBC News Online - 14/11/08). Her fight for personal justice stemmed from the after-effects of farm pesti... READ MORE 15 January 2009

Are You Ready to Whistleblow for Safety? Why Not?

During this summer season we have witnessed reports of various flight safety deficits, the most recent of which are several incidents reported by the BBC, and of course, the Spanish aircraft disaster.  I sincerely offer my deepest sympathies, and the respect of HolidayTravelwatch to all those affected by the Madrid crash.  I hope that the cause of the crash, and that lessons will be learnt quic... READ MORE 28 August 2008

Tails You Lose! The Carbon Fibre Concerns in Aircraft

The launch of the Airbus A350 aircraft, preceded by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are set to usher in a new era of travel luxury, space and eco-friendly aircraft, following the development of innovative technologies. One such innovation is the development of a carbon-fibre composite, which it is said, will usher in a new ‘economy’ to the world’s airlines; lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient... READ MORE 19 May 2008

Plane Crazy?

I guess that many of you who visit this website can tell many tales about your airport experiences. It is always an interesting experience, none more so for the unfortunate passengers of the T5 fiasco! However, have you ever stopped to look at the level and type of security that is now evident at British Airports? I recently went to a British Airport to see off a family member. It wasn't a par... READ MORE 17 April 2008

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