A Majorcan Experience, but what of the Holidaymakers?

For some time, this Organisation has received calls from young holidaymakers, affected by crime in a number of resorts around the Mediterranean and beyond. The scale of these complaints reveal that young British Holidaymakers are unwittingly exposed to a holiday product that strips them of not only money but dignity, respect and personal safety. Whilst young people are the focus of our reports, it is also important to state that families and older couples are also subject to crime, albeit with a different focus.

When reading the British press throughout 2014, you could be forgiven for thinking that young British men and women were out of control and providing a bad example of the UK throughout the world.

As an organisation, we have never believed that young people are in control of the situations that they find themselves in. In our inquiry we have been met with those who say that what happens to young people on holiday is a 'right of passage' - we say it is not!

There is nothing 'right' about the passage of young British Holidaymakers through these resorts; the majority of young people will often find themselves in extraordinary circumstances that they do not know how to control, against an 'industry' of travel companies, licensed premises, organised excursions and Authorities who quite frankly are floundering against events.

In raising questions, we also thought it worthwhile to examine the fabric of resorts against the backdrop of complaints we have received

In October 2014, we began our investigation on the island of Majorca and have made a series of films and taken photographs; over the coming weeks, we shall be setting out what we found and what we think must be done to keep holidaymakers safe. We think that it is time for the Authorities to act and for the UK press to tell the real story of what is happening in these resorts!

I shall be watching 2015 with great interest!

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