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The Hot Issues Travel Blog provides regular comment on travel related issues, often arising from holidaymakers’ concerns and complaints. Subjects covered range from holiday illness and hygiene standards through to risk destinations and Aerotoxic or Cabin Air Quality.  

Aircraft & Airlines

Are You Ready to Whistleblow for Safety? Why Not?

During this summer season we have witnessed reports of various flight safety deficits, the most recent of which are several incidents reported by the BBC, and of course, the Spanish aircraft disaster.  I sincerely offer my deepest sympathies, and the respect of HolidayTravelwatch to all those affected by the Madrid crash.  I hope that the cause of the crash, and that lessons will be learnt quic... READ MORE 28 August 2008

Cruises & Ship Safety

British Holiday Cruise Study - Holidaymaker at Risk!

We recently heard from a holidaymaker a problem they encountered on a cruise ship. The client went on a family holiday, which included teenage girls in their party. The cruise initially delivered everything that a client would want; fine dining, great destinations and luxurious living. It was for them a holiday of a life-time. One evening, one girl decided that she wanted to retire to her cabi... READ MORE 19 May 2008

Aircraft & Airlines

Tails You Lose! The Carbon Fibre Concerns in Aircraft

The launch of the Airbus A350 aircraft, preceded by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner are set to usher in a new era of travel luxury, space and eco-friendly aircraft, following the development of innovative technologies. One such innovation is the development of a carbon-fibre composite, which it is said, will usher in a new ‘economy’ to the world’s airlines; lighter, stronger and more fuel efficient... READ MORE 19 May 2008

Aircraft & Airlines

Plane Crazy?

I guess that many of you who visit this website can tell many tales about your airport experiences. It is always an interesting experience, none more so for the unfortunate passengers of the T5 fiasco! However, have you ever stopped to look at the level and type of security that is now evident at British Airports? I recently went to a British Airport to see off a family member. It wasn't a par... READ MORE 17 April 2008

Aircraft & Airlines

On a Wing and a Prayer?

I have recently viewed a very powerful and emotional film created by an ex-BA pilot; Tristan Lorraine, called ‘Welcome Aboard Toxic Airlines’. The film seeks to highlight the long and sometimes bitter struggle of those professionals, who have been subject to exposure to smoke or fume events on board aircraft. The film highlights the severe debilitating effects that exposure can cause, because... READ MORE 17 March 2008

Risk Destinations

Important Information for Holidaymakers Travelling to Sri Lanka - Check Your Travel Insurance Cover

HolidayTravelWatch is concerned that intending Holidaymakers travelling to Sri Lanka may be doing so without Travel Insurance Cover. The Organisation provides Guidance and Comment. We have recently expressed misgivings about travel and insurance advices from tour companies and government agencies. Since the beginning of the Kenyan crisis, we have been contacted by a number of holidaymakers, h... READ MORE 12 February 2008

Holidaymakers Stories

Short Experiences of Holiday Problems

Welcome to Client Stories. This area contains stories written by HolidayTravelWatch on behalf of Holidaymakers or by the Holidaymakers themselves. The articles are often moving and illustrate clearly the remarkable situations that ordinary people find themselves in by just being on holiday. If you have a story that you would like to share, then please e mail or post the facts to us for conside... READ MORE 10 January 2008

Cruises & Ship Safety

Guest Article: International Cruise Victims - Crime on-board Cruise Ships

In Issue 3 of 'Get'Away', we reproduce an article from International Cruise Victims (President: Mr Ken Carver). He highlights the state of the Cruise Industry, and how victims and supporters of ICV have campaigned for greater rights for cruise passengers, taking their fight to the US Congress. He illustrates the potential for changes in US law, which on reflection, deserve consideration by EU a... READ MORE 9 February 2007

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