20 Ridiculous Holiday Complaints: The Consumer Experience 2013!

I thought that I would share with you one holiday experience we have received this morning.  It comes from a holidaymaker who is so incensed about what she was 'given' for her holiday, that she has decided, enough is enough and that she is going to challenge her tour operator for compensation! This holidaymaker decided to take a 7 day holiday to the popular resort of Marmaris in Turkey.  When she got to her hotel, this is what she found:

  1. Hotel lifts not working;
  2. The room provided had no piping to the sink area;
  3. The plug sockets were hanging off the wall;
  4. Electrical wires were exposed throughout the hotel;
  5. The hotel constantly ran out of soft drinks and alcohol;
  6. Excrement was found in the room toilet when they arrived;
  7. Rooms were not cleaned for the duration of your stay;
  8. You were provided with one toilet roll for your entire holiday;
  9. Air conditioning did not work;
  10. Chairs on your balcony were broken;
  11. Thefts from rooms were reported by guests;
  12. The swimming pool was at times 'out of order';
  13. Some guests had sex in the pool in front of guests - no control over these guests was exercised by management;
  14. Water dispensers were filled with a hose pipe;
  15. Hotel barbeque area was filthy - raw chicken served;
  16. Food was not labelled;
  17. Food was covered with flies and looked like dog food;
  18. Hotel manager seen to hit guests;
  19. Arguments seen between guests and hotel management in restaurant;
  20. Hotel Manager had guests arrested if they complained!

This holidaymaker has photographic evidence of the issues and we are helping her to investigate the matter and her options.

What struck me about this story is bullying! Yes that's right, the bullying of holidaymakers - we have written about this many times - when they make complaints.  In other words, let's not be professional and deal with the problems, let's adopt the strategy of threatening and frightening customers - problem solved!

What is also interesting about this story is that despite everything that she experienced, this holidaymaker describes herself as someone who is 'not hard to please'.  That is a sentiment expressed by many holidaymakers, yet travel companies and hoteliers seem to go out of their way to deliver a holiday product that is less than satisfactory.

Another interesting point is that we will no doubt be treated to the annual-fest of ridiculous holiday complaints by the press.  These 'examples', offered by travel companies (easy reporting?), are designed to make us laugh and plant in our minds how complaining makes us like those 'ridiculous' examples!

Let me be quite clear on this issue; do not think that your complaint is trivial, do not think that you are not justified in making a complaint, do not be embarrassed to claim your compensation because you hear in the press that to claim is bad - it is not, do not be ashamed of claiming your rights, do not allow yourself to be fobbed off! Stand up for your rights, claim for your broken holiday and follow the example of this holidaymaker, that enough is enough!

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