The Cure for Holiday Illness & Complaints? Bring In The Heavies VIII

Imagine; the constant smell of sewage, building work, faecal element over the public toilets, the food served is never hot, margarine and butter floating in water, water was served from dispensers not sealed bottles, many guests suffering from diarrhoea and vomitting, when holidaymakers approached the tour operators representative, they were told they could not be assisted, as they had not paid for representative service (!), pharmacists providing injections, doctors offering to sell certificates stating that holidaymakers were 'fit to fly' - Welcome to Egypt!

These holidaymakers, quite correctly, grouped together and provided their names and contact details for inclusion on a group list, with the full intention of addressing their complaints in resort and where necessary, when they returned to the United Kingdom.  All the the holidaymakers on the list were ill!  They were doing nothing illegal!

What do you suppose was the reaction of the hotel management?

The holidaymakers leading this action were asked to go to the management office.  They took these two holidaymakers to a room at the back of the hotel, where they were confronted by two security men with batons.  They demanded possession of the list and threatened that if it were not handed over they and their families would be thrown out of the hotel.

The list was handed over.

I do not blame the holidaymakers for taking this action - they were confronted with a very threatening situation and if we are honest, did what many of us would have probably done.  The family of one of the men were clearly so distressed by what had happened (they were also suffering illness) that they flew back to the UK the next day! 

"Welcome: you’ve just flung open the doors and let the Sunshine into your life" proclaims the Egyptian Tourist Authority website.  I doubt very much that the 60 or so holidaymakers at this hotel complex considered that they have been able to enjoy that promise of the exotic.  Hoteliers must be very very frightened of the raw power of the consumer, to threaten and bully holidaymakers in ths fashion and tour operators clearly operate down the convenience of the 'blind alley' if they claim that complaints do not exist or are deaf to those complaints. 

Surely it is normal practice within the Egyptian Legal System for a Claimant to gather their evidence where they have a Civil Complaint, or has all notion of Natural Justice principles in Egypt now been abandoned? 

Is this now the collective corporate response to poor conditions and serious health failures?  I predict that one day soon, someone or a group of people will die from the exposure to serious infection, or that someone will suffer serious injury or worse, from the 'anti-holiday complaints police'.  What a way to operate the 'holiday product' - what a way to develop 'sustainable tourism'!

Welcome to Egypt!

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