Contaminated cabin Air Fume Event - Barbados to London Gatwick - November 2006

If you have travelled on a flight, on the above route, on 18 November 2006, and you and your family have suffered holiday or travel illness/sickness and/or holiday/travel complaints, be advised that you are not alone.

If you are unsure as to the nature of a flight smoke or fume event, and believe that you may have been affected, then you should read this press release, which will provide further information on the issue.

If you would like to receive assistance to deal with this travel problem or holiday complaint, please contact HolidayTravelWatch as soon as possible.

If you have been ill, please ensure that you speak with your GP and obtain advices as quickly as possible. If you experience difficulty in receiving advices, then you should speak to your local Environmental Health Officer without delay.

If you are requested to provide access to your medical notes and records by the tour operator or airline - DO NOT give your consent to such an action, unless you have received advices on this issue!

If you are encouraged to correspond with the Tour Operators or Airlines Solicitor, DO NOT DO SO unless you have received advice on this issue!

Do not accept any offer to settle your claim without first talking to us or to a specialist travel lawyer - do not bank any cheque or accept any voucher - you may compromise your right to be properly compensated.

Please note, we do not represent that problems exist on this flight, either before the said date, during the said date or after the said date. If you have any concerns, then you should direct them to your tour operator or airline, they should advise you further. If you have been affected by any of these issues, and you would like further assistance, then you should contact HolidayTravelWatch, or speak with a Solicitor, details of which can be obtained from The Law Society.

Please note, if you have any limitation concerns (injury from flights are governed by the Montreal Convention and attracts a shorter limitation period) or are subject to a pressing court order, you should seek urgent assistance from a Solicitor, you should not wait to speak with HolidayTravelWatch.


3 July 2008

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