Complaining on holiday

Don’t put up with it

If you have a problem on holiday, try to resolve it there and then.

If you are on a package holiday, your first point of contact should be your travel rep. It is the rep’s job to keep holidaymakers happy, so he or she should take your complaint seriously.

If you don’t have a travel rep, talk to someone in authority at the resort, hotel or airport. Note their name and their response to your complaint. Fill out a customer complaints form if there is one, but don’t hand over the only photographic or written evidence you have. You may well need these to follow up your complaint after your holiday.  

Below are some documents you can use if you find yourself in difficulty on holiday. Often the fact that a complaint is made at the time will lead to a swift and positive resolution. But never accept any offer of compensation, particularly on behalf of children, without first receiving independent advice. You might be settling on less favourable terms.

If you're not sure, call us on 0800 999 999

We've helped thousands of holidaymakers with their problems.

List of other holidaymakers with complaints

Make a note of others in the resort with similar complaints to yours

NOTE: Do not give this document to the Tour Operator or their Representative

Obtain Independent Advice as a Group; remember, there is strength in numbers!

Also, make sure you collate photo and video evidence; it will help you to explain your case!


Complaint Letter Templates

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