The Holidaymakers Charter

We recognise that you have worked hard for that precious time away!

Sometimes things can go wrong with holiday arrangements.  When problems arise with a holiday, they could simply be beyond the control of the tour operator, hotelier or airline, or, it may be that they have failed in their service to you. 

Since 1995, we have helped over 250,000 holidaymakers deal with their holiday complaints; many have gone on to win their claims, with some achieving substantial compensation!

In a claims market that is saturated with 'holiday claims experts' (and we predict that this will continue and grow), it can be a worrying time for Consumers on where they should go to get help.

We have always believed that Consumers should enjoy the benefits of a safe advice environment, without pressure, so that they and only they can decide for themselves what is the best route for them to follow to progress their holiday complaints with any travel provider.

On 1 April 2013, the UK government introduced new laws that banned referral fees and also reduce or limit the costs that are payable to solicitors who represent clients.

Since 2007, we have not only embraced a regulatory environment, but have gone beyond our obligations.

In the past we have used referral fees to fund the operations of the organisation and bring about a greater awareness of our service and also to keep the service we provide to Consumers free of charge.

Following the new legal obligations, we have continued to embrace that regulatory environment.  We fully respect and comply with the law and operate in an open and transparent manner in any legal relationships we have or can facilitate for you as we have done since 2007.

We do not, nor have ever supported the notion, that we exist in a 'compensation culture'; we have always promoted the position that Consumers have a right to know and understand their rights and where necessary, to be able to freely progress their complaints with the help of travel legal experts.

All too often we speak with Consumers who have not received good or skilled advices elsewhere and we believe that we must counteract these 'advice sources' and promote a greater awareness of holiday complaints solutions, which will ultimately lead to a better travel product.

We are very much an organisation that believes in promoting positive and long-term relationships, whether you are a holidaymaker or from the travel, legal or political industries.

In order to ensure that Consumers receive the very best legal help, we enjoy a positive relationship between ourselves and our Partner Lawyers, Simpson Millar Solicitors.

You can however be confident that we remain totally independent and on the side of the Consumer.

We have never worked to any targets or goals of any third parties; we shall maintain that position. 

We consider that it is important to create a set of principles which set out the basic service you should expect to receive from us!

This is the first time that any travel consumer organisation has set out in clear terms what holidaymakers should expect in service.

By creating the ‘Holidaymakers Charter’ you can be confident of your dealings with us, within a safe advice environment - no gimmicks, just good service!

The Holidaymakers Charter:

  1. By contacting HolidayTravelWatch we recognise how vulnerable you may feel to the tactics of travel companies.
  2. We never forget that you are an ordinary Consumer trying to put right what has gone wrong with your travel arrangements.
  3. We recognise that you have a choice on how you deal with your holiday complaints.
  4. You will always be treated with respect and above all listened to.
  5. Our service to you is free and is entirely without obligation.
  6. Where possible, we will try to find or suggest alternatives other than taking your case to court.
  7. If we consider that you should receive initial free legal assistance we will state clearly that this is the case and the reasons why we think you should get that assistance.
  8. We will always remind you that you do not have to accept our recommendations.
  9. As we work with a Firm of Solicitors we will always set out clearly what is involved if you wish to take advantage of discussing your case with our Partner Lawyer.
  10. We are fully regulated to recommend that you seek legal assistance or to help you by transferring your case to our Partner Lawyers by the Claims Management Regulator.
  11. We always respect your right to privacy and are registered with the Information Commissioner in respect of data handling.
  12. We will never pass your details onto the press without your permission.
  13. As an added bonus we will use your story anonymously, if you give us permission to do so, to campaign for an improvement in your travel rights
  14. We will campaign on:
  • Hotel Safety
  • Holiday Hygiene
  • Ships Safety
  • Airline Safety
  • Failings in Consumer Laws

In addition:

  1. We will also campaign on other issues that affect all travellers and their rights.
  2. We will bring your story, your experience, to the heart of the EU Commission & Parliament, the UK Government & Departments or other Governments or International Bodies
  3. You can be confident in our expertise, gained over 20 years, providing practical solutions for ordinary holidaymakers.


Frank Brehany

Consumer Director


The posts in this section provide details regarding the personalities that created and run HolidayTravelWatch. This section also contains the Holidaymakers Charter of the Organisation to ensure that the holiday problems experienced by ordinary people are confronted both in practical, legal and political terms. You will also find operational details of the Organisation.