The Goals of Holiday Travel Watch

The Holidaymaker or Traveller
The primary function of the Organisation is to assist holidaymakers or travellers who have suffered as a result of travel problems. It is a further aim to act as a resource, provide information, advice and assistance to those who use our services. It is a further goal to promote better health and safety warnings for the holidaymaker or traveller. The Organisation will seek, where possible, to guide the holidaymaker or traveller toward options to resolve their complaints.
The Holidaymaker or Traveller’s Health & Safety

The Organisation will seek to create a wider dialogue through National or International Medical & Environmental agencies or bodies. Such contact is to be designed with the aim of improving hygiene, sanitation, and safety standards both within the UK and in other countries. In addition, through the assistance of such experts and bodies, to promote the goals of sustainable tourism.
The Organisation will seek to ensure that all Travel Arrangers, Providers or Organisers be honest in their brochures or through selling by other methods. It is the aim to promote the provision of reliable and appropriately trained resort representation. It is the goal of the Organisation to encourage the Industry to promote a fair and timely handling and redress of complaints.
The Travel Debate

The Organisation aims to facilitate an open and frank exchange of views on a wide range of travel opinion. Such debate to be open to governments, travel providers, lawyers, health & safety experts, holidaymakers or travellers.

The posts in this section provide details regarding the personalities that created and run HolidayTravelWatch. This section also contains the Holidaymakers Charter of the Organisation to ensure that the holiday problems experienced by ordinary people are confronted both in practical, legal and political terms. You will also find operational details of the Organisation.