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Helping Holiday Makers with their Holiday Complaints

Sadly, some holidays never quite live up to the promise. Others stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn’t be like that and together we need to combat those who are purposely devaluing the holiday experience.

As an independent organisation we are on your side, and within this site you’ll find all you need to help you plan the perfect holiday and what to do if things go wrong and you need to make a holiday complaint.

Fb PublicityHi, I’m Frank Brehany, Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch. I qualified as a lawyer before I became involved with HTW and I am passionate about helping consumers fight back against companies who deliver a poor holiday product. Our aim at HTW is to help you, whether you’re making a holiday claim or simply desire free unbiased travel guidance.

Frank contributes regularly to the Crows Nest travel blog. Read his latest post. Thanks for visiting our site.

Frank on the Radio

The EU Referendum and Your Travel Consumer Rights!

17 Jun 2016

Today, Frank has picked up the 'hot potatoe' of the EU Referendum! We have carried out a survey on what the effect of a 'brexit' could be on Travel Consumers Rights. When we pointed out to those...


Ski Holidays & Travel Insurance!

1 Dec 2015

Today, Frank is talking about Ski Holidays and the need to make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance and hold the all important European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)! The HolidayTravelWatch sur...


Airport Rage & October's Half Term Holiday; Tips for Stress Free Travel!

23 Oct 2015

Did you know that 15% of parent's we spoke to admitted to suffering with 'Airport Rage'?  73% of parent's in our Holiday Standards Report told us that their holiday starts at the airport, so we wo...


Hot Issues Travel blog

Your Consumer Travel Rights & The EU Referendum

I want to share with you some key information about the forthcoming EU Referendum and Travel Consumer Rights. As some of you may be aware, I have already spoken widely in the press, on the radio and TV on this subject matter. Our country is faced with the single most important choice in several generations. As I write this, I despair at not only the level of the intelligence and respect with...

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Fear not; an action plan post Brussels?

This past week, I have been hopefully offering reassurance across the airwaves, to Consumers worried about flying. I have tried to provide facts about how your security in EU airports is regulated, by reference to 2 principal European Regulations and further laws within the UK. The sheer horror of Brussels cannot be summarised in words except to say that such actions, from Lahore to the sands o...

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Zika Facts and Your Holiday - what you need to know!

As if Tourism and the lot of holidaymakers hadn’t suffered enough after 2015; this year has revealed the latest threat to Travel through the arrival of the Zika Crisis! Through this past week I have seen all sorts of sensationalist headlines, some declaring that you are not safe from the ‘head shrinking virus’. So, I thought it was time to set out a few facts to help you understand the issues a...

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Articles of Interest

Orlando: Sympathy & Respect for the LGBTI Community

The shocking events in Orlando, the holiday Capital of the USA, reveals how our world and the world of travel has dramatically changed in the last 12 months. We offer our deepest and sincere sympathies and respect to the victims families and friends and wishes for a speedy recovery to all those who were injured. We also call time upon the notion 'that these things can happen anywhere' or that 'we must not give into terror'. These mantra's provide for a subtle acceptance of what has happened to one group or another, without full recognition of the direct effect it has had one one community...

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Travel Consumer Rights? Vote Remain!

On Thursday 16 June 2016, our Consumer Director, Frank Brehany, was interviewed by Eamonn Holmes on Sky News. Frank was asked to explain what could happen to Travel Consumer Rights as the Referendum approached, it resulted in Eamonn considering that the issue was as ‘clear as mud’; Frank agreed! For the last few months, HolidayTravelWatch has been trying to establish what would happen to Travel Consumer Rights in the event that the UK voted to leave the European Union. This was a critical exercise because there are 11 major EU Regulations/Directives that affect the way we travel and they a...

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RIP UK Consumer Rights!

For the last 2 months, we have tried as an Organisation to warn of the problems to Consumer Rights in the event that the UK voted to leave the European Union. In that 2 month period, we were expected to offer an 'impartial' view and as an Organisation; we delivered on that expectation. On 19 June 2013 however, despite trying to extract answers to the fundamental questions surrounding Consumer Rights, we concluded that it was safer for Consumers to vote to Remain within the EU. The result of the Referendum was of no surprise to us, given the polarised issues, the failure to address real i...

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