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Sadly, some holidays never quite live up to the promise. Others stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn’t be like that and together we need to combat those who are purposely devaluing the holiday experience.

As an independent organisation we are on your side, and within this site you’ll find all you need to help you plan the perfect holiday and what to do if things go wrong. 

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  • Frank Brehany smallHi, I’m Frank Brehany, Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch. I qualified as a lawyer before I became involved with HTW and I am passionate about helping consumers fight back against companies who deliver a poor holiday product. Our aim at HTW is to help you, whether you’re making a holiday claim or simply desire free unbiased travel guidance. Thanks for visiting our site.

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'Code Brown' - 'Poo in the Pool' - 'Logging' - Coming to a Hotel near you?

Bravo, Bravo! Concern for Public Health & Safety is alive and kicking! Why am I in a congratulatory mood? It is as a result of the latest article from the Daily Mail entitled: '‘Code Brown’: Hotel threatens £1,400 fines to rowdy Brits caught pooing in swimming pools in disgusting new 'logging' craze that exposes guests to harmful bacteria'.But hang on, can this be really true, that 'rowdy Brits' have now slunk so low that they have taken to toiletting in hotel swimming pools? The report centres around a letter that is apparently being circulated to guests staying at the Holiday Village...

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Consumer Group challenges deliberate 'Logging' claims at Holiday Hotels!

HolidayTravelWatch is concerned to read an article in the Daily Mail which appears to claim that a 'new craze' of defecating in hotel swimming pools is ruining holidays; these are known as 'Code Brown' or 'Logging' events. The article is written around a letter that was apparently circulated to hotel guests at the Holiday Village Red Sea in Egypt by First Choice. The letter notes that there has been an increase in the number of faecal events in the hotel's swimming pool and advises dire consequences for those perpetrating such an act. The newspaper article suggests that those committing thi...

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Ash Cloud 2 - The Volcano Strikes Back! What are your travel rights?

*** IMPORTANT UPDATE - FRIDAY 29 AUGUST 2014 *** There is considerable interest in the Bardabunga Volcano and the potential for it to affect airline schedules and air passenger rights. We have examined the issues of rights and would draw Consumers attention to our amended article which will set out those rights which can be read in conjunction with the article below. *** IMPORTANT UPDATE ENDS *** Our 23 May 2011 article continues: The UK Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond, has commented that the situation in the UK was 'very much in the balance' following  the Grimsvotn Volcan...

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