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Helping Holiday Makers with their Holiday Complaints

Sadly, some holidays never quite live up to the promise. Others stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn’t be like that and together we need to combat those who are purposely devaluing the holiday experience.

As an independent organisation we are on your side, and within this site you’ll find all you need to help you plan the perfect holiday and what to do if things go wrong and you need to make a holiday complaint.

Frank Brehany smallHi, I’m Frank Brehany, Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch. I qualified as a lawyer before I became involved with HTW and I am passionate about helping consumers fight back against companies who deliver a poor holiday product. Our aim at HTW is to help you, whether you’re making a holiday claim or simply desire free unbiased travel guidance.

Frank contributes regularly to the Crows Nest travel blog. read his latest post

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Frank on the Radio

The Thomas Cook Affair - Carbon Monoxide Implications!

18 May 2015

On Wednesday 13 May 2015, the Jury in the Wakefield Coroners Court, returned a verdict on their inquiry into the deaths of Christianne & Robert Shepherd from Carbon Monoxide poisoning in Corf...


An end to avoidable holiday problems?

30 Jul 2015

20 years ago, this organisation was created from our Founder's bad holiday experience. Through the following years, she sought to highlight and argue for a change to the holiday product and bring a...


School Holiday Costs; are they fair?

26 May 2015

Frank deals with the results of the HTW Survey of what parents thinks about school holiday costs. The survey was carried out to understand whether attitudes had hardened or softened after the 10...


Hot Issues Travel blog

Shock & Horror in Tunisia; Advice for worried Holidaymakers

Today my heart goes out to the Victims, their Families and Friends and the Tunisian people; all of us here at HolidayTravelWatch offer our deepest sympathies and support. I have however been holding my breath for sometime. I have been watching the nightly news of the terrors taking place along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa and witnessing the unfolding of a Humanitarian Nightmare. In ...

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Risk or No-Risk Destination? The problem for intending UK holidaymakers!

I try; I really try not to be too negative or to be overly critical, but sometimes you just have to speak out! This is one of those times! The situation in North Africa is dire and Greece presents uncertainty, so now is not the time for feint-hearts; those that need to be challenged should be prepared to meet that challenge openly and constructively! However, when I do raise issues, I am ofte...

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Checklist for Greece: An update for Holidaymakers!

Following on from our Checklist for Greece article yesterday, this fast moving situation will require updating as matters develop. It will also require updating as and when we hear from holidaymakers about what the situation in Greece is like. This latter point is important because I have recently been discussing this issue on the radio along with travel industry spokespersons. Those interviews...

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Articles of Interest

Call for Tour Operator to respond positively to Consumer complaints on Adriatic Beach

For several weeks, HolidayTravelWatch has been contacted by British Holidaymakers who are concerned that the Hotel Adriatic Beach in Croatia is in the midst of major building works. Their complaints come on the cusp of holidays that have booked many months in advance and are unhappy that the holidays that they have chosen may not be delivered at the hotel of their choice. It is clear that holidaymakers are trying to resolve matters directly with the Tour Operator using Regulation's 12 & 13 of the Package Travel Regulations and aspects of the ABTA Code of Conduct. From what holidaymake...

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Innocence lost in Tunisia; Demands for New Age in Travel

The sheer senseless waste of life in Port El Kanatoui in Tunisia is an affront to all decent peoples, no matter where they come from. The tales of heroism, courage and compassion, that have emanated from this terrible event, demonstrate the best response to the delusional criminals who perpetrate these vile deeds. We can only offer our deepest sympathies and support to the victims and survivors of this savage event. What events in Tunisia reveal is the end of the Age of Innocence of Travel. Since Friday, HolidayTravelWatch has been engaged in conversations primarily with those frightened...

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Consumer Group welcomes open discussion on Cabin Air Quality

HolidayTravelWatch has since 2007 been at the forefront of making sure the Consumer voice is heard about concerns expressed on Cabin Air Quality. The Organisation has addressed a number of issues across a broad spectrum, bringing Consumer views to the heart of the political debate. For several years, the Organisation has been engaged in helping to draft and build a suitable standard on Cabin Air Quality so that it can be universally accepted and is made capable of being incorporated into the Regulatory environment. That work has brought HolidayTravelWatch to the USA and to the heart of t...

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