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Helping Holiday Makers with their Holiday Complaints

Sadly, some holidays never quite live up to the promise. Others stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn’t be like that and together we need to combat those who are purposely devaluing the holiday experience.

As an independent organisation we are on your side, and within this site you’ll find all you need to help you plan the perfect holiday and what to do if things go wrong and you need to make a holiday complaint.

Fb PublicityHi, I’m Frank Brehany, Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch. I qualified as a lawyer before I became involved with HTW and I am passionate about helping consumers fight back against companies who deliver a poor holiday product. Our aim at HTW is to help you, whether you’re making a holiday claim or simply desire free unbiased travel guidance.

Frank contributes regularly to the Crows Nest travel blog. Read his latest post. Thanks for visiting our site.

Frank on the Radio

Holiday Complaints & The 2016 Holiday Standards Report

12 Jul 2016

Frank today launches the HolidayTravelWatch 2016 Holiday Standards Report. In that report, Frank will explain what we as Consumers think about travel and the holiday product and perhaps why we ex...


The EU Referendum and Your Travel Consumer Rights!

17 Jun 2016

Today, Frank has picked up the 'hot potatoe' of the EU Referendum! We have carried out a survey on what the effect of a 'brexit' could be on Travel Consumers Rights. When we pointed out to those...


Ski Holidays & Travel Insurance!

1 Dec 2015

Today, Frank is talking about Ski Holidays and the need to make sure you have adequate Travel Insurance and hold the all important European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)! The HolidayTravelWatch sur...


Hot Issues Travel blog

Your Consumer Travel Rights & The EU Referendum

I want to share with you some key information about the forthcoming EU Referendum and Travel Consumer Rights. As some of you may be aware, I have already spoken widely in the press, on the radio and TV on this subject matter. Our country is faced with the single most important choice in several generations. As I write this, I despair at not only the level of the intelligence and respect with...

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Know your rights! Travelling by air

For those that are not still stuck in work or school, summer is a chance to jet out abroad, in an attempt to find sun, or even an adventure. However, all this excitement and anticipation can be dampened by the cancellation or delay of your flights. In the first instance, most probably aren’t occupied or aware of the rights they are entitled to in this situation. However, always remember that i...

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Know your rights! Travelling by rail

As rail prices continue to rise while service seems to stagnate or even get worse, there’s never been a more appropriate time to brush up on your rights as a rail passenger – if you’ve experienced delays or cancellations you may be due compensation. Travel within the UK When you’re travelling wholly within the UK, the National Rail Conditions of Carriage set out your rights for when you trave...

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Articles of Interest

Where for art thou, Police of Ibiza?

HolidayTravelWatch has heard of a disturbing story from a holidaymaker, about her experience in San Antonio, on the Island of Ibiza. Unfortunately she was subject to a robbery attack during the day time, in which the assailant lifted her up and threw her to the ground and stole money and mobile phone from her hand-bag. Apart from the shock of the attack, she did not suffer with any real physical injury. Like most holidaymakers, she obviously decided that she had to report the matter to the Police and so she took herself to the local police station and experienced the following: On arr...

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How to manage your Holiday Sickness Complaints!

Like previous years, 2016 has already proven that there is no improvement generally in the quality of the holiday product. Complaints received by HolidayTravelWatch this season include:  Cold and uncooked food; Human waste in the swimming pools; Bed bugs; Damp & sewage smells; Flies on buffet food; Mould on beds; Cats in hotel restaurant; Sporadic hot water, which are coupled with, Sickness and diarrhoea complaints, and holidaymakers suffering with; Confirmed Salmonella, Giardia, Ear & Respiratory infections, some of whom have been hospitalised. It is clear that thes...

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Time for Flight Safety Briefing Review in the EU!

Our Consumer Director, Frank Brehany, is someone who flies regularly. Like most sensible passengers, he is very conscious about flight safety and will familiarise himself with the type of aircraft he may be flying in as part of his responsibilities as an Air Passenger. Entering the aircraft as Passengers, we find ourselves looking at our fellow passengers and no doubt consider 2 important points:  The type of passenger who may be sitting next to us and apart from any other issues, question whether that individual is reasonably able in the event of an emergency? And, As responsible Air...

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