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Sadly, some holidays never quite live up to the promise. Others stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons.

It shouldn’t be like that and together we need to combat those who are purposely devaluing the holiday experience.

As an independent organisation we are on your side, and within this site you’ll find all you need to help you plan the perfect holiday and what to do if things go wrong. 

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  • Frank Brehany smallHi, I’m Frank Brehany, Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch. I qualified as a lawyer before I became involved with HTW and I am passionate about helping consumers fight back against companies who deliver a poor holiday product. Our aim at HTW is to help you, whether you’re making a holiday claim or simply desire free unbiased travel guidance. Thanks for visiting our site.

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Concern for Passenger Safety following 3rd Aircraft Fume Event Report!

HolidayTravelWatch has now received information concerning another aircraft fume event, on-board a BHAir flight from Bourgas in Turkey to London Gatwick on 12 June 2014, Flight Number BGH5551. This is the third report we have received for flights emanting from Turkey to the UK, the other flights having taken place on 13 June 2014 & 14 June 2014. Consumers advise this Organisation that: On take-off, passengers reported an 'Exceptionally strong chemical smell'; They describe the smell as 'Overpowering and distressing'; They advise that the odours created a 'great deal of anxiety amo...

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George Monbiot is right, but on Holiday Complaints...?

Like him or loathe him, George Monbiot is an essential read if you want to understand the world around you or the politic that dictates your daily life. I thoroughly enjoy George's work which provides an incisive critique on the power cliques that we trust to deliver a safe environment, democratic accountability or a peaceful world. He also sends a powerful message to Consumers that they have a responsibility for the world around them! As I was examining George's work recently I came across an article he wrote in 1998, entitled 'Whingeing Poms'. The premise of the article suggests that ins...

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A humbling 9/11 experience!

Kieron. In January 2014, I went to the United States travelling through Dublin Airport. If you take this route you have to pass through US Pre-Clearance before you reach your departure gate. Eric Taube Olsen. Once you arrive in the USA you simply pass from your arrival gate and move straight to the baggage reclaim area. Security was an issue that we had to encounter several times that morning; first at the UK Airport, then when we passed through the flight transfers area at Dublin Airport and again finally when we passed through US pre-Clearance. Vincent Edward Brunton. On each oc...

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